Bruce from Brantford

Posted: Nov 27, 2017

Electrical Upgrades - 220 Amp Service; Replace all Receptacles and Converted 2 Bedrooms into a Large Master Bedroom.

Greg and his team were very knowledgeable and committed to get done what I felt was required to make my new home more comfortable for me to live in!

His estimate was accurate; he was on time, went above and beyond, was responsive, professional and immediately addressed the minor concerns that I had in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Greg for any electrical or construction work that you may require.

Jeoffrey from Hamilton

Posted: Jan 5, 2018

Basement (Family Room) Renovation

We hired Clark General Contracting to renovate our 290 sqft family room in the basement after it got completely torn down for waterproofing. Prior to hiring Greg and his team, I had already gotten a contractor lined up to do the job. To make a long story short, let's just say that the guy I originally hired suddenly just went up and disappeared. Good thing I didn't give him any money.

Greg came in and saved the day or the Holidays for us. We had family coming in for the holidays from across the world for the first time. This was our first home and the mold issue had to be taken cared of. Renovations after waterproofing was so close to the holidays that we weren't sure if it would get done on time but Greg made sure it was done.

Work done was the following:

- new studs and walls

- new cabinet

- subflooring and laminate flooring

- electricals

- mudding & painting

- stone veneer and tiling in the wood stove area

His team are an awesome bunch. They know their stuff and they knew how to manage their time. You won't regret it.

Paul from Waterdown

Posted: March 12, 2018


Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2018

Greg was on time and on budget. The work he did was meticulous and thorough, and he actually looked for and solved problems that he uncovered while completing the project. The finished project is nicer than I had anticipated and no hidden costs were incurred. I couldn't be more pleased, and Greg will be returning to tackle an additional project this year.

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